Viva Fiesta 2009!

San Antonio Fiesta is celebration in San Antonio with over a 100 events that spans almost two weeks. It was hard to keep track of the events we liked to attend and on which day they occurred, so we create this app. Best part of the app is that we gave it away for free on the App Store! Who knows, maybe we will do another for Fiesta 2012!

Viva Fiesta 2009! Viva Fiesta 2009!

Monster Memory Match

Monster Memory Match was our first app and then one that we find ourselves still playing.

Click here to find it on the app store.

Monster Memory Match Monster Memory Match

Mood Flash

Mood Flash was developed to be the quick and easy way to post your mood to Facebook and Twitter.  The unique one-thumb user interface makes it quick and simple.  Just chose your mood type, select your mood, then Flash it.

Feel it.  Flash it.  

Coming soon to the app store


Mood Flash Mood Flash

Medical Compliance

At Gramazo Interactive, we do more than just mobile application development. We do system development. This medical compliance system is current being developed for a group of cardiologist. It is comprised of a mobile application that connects to a back-end system utilized for patient compliance monitoring.

Medical Compliance Medical Compliance